Take a mini-retreat ~ Listen to the voice in your soul. I am all in with this week’s card. Indeed, I have lots of ideas to share with you about creating a mini-RETREAT. But first, to create a successful and meaningful mini-RETREAT you must begin with the commitment to do so. You don’t have toContinue reading “retreat”


Connect with someone special ~ A loved one is a gift to treasure. Creating Heart Connections was the name of my business and now it is the name my website. It describes all the services and/or classes that I still offer to anyone seeking a more “heart-centered” life. It’s content doesn’t change much but IContinue reading “connection”


Choose love ~ Let your love become a powerful force for change. Love. A powerful message for this next week that really needs no lengthy post with lots of words….. So, instead… and in the spirit of “Throwback Thursday” (#tbt) I found this delightful video of Jackie DeShannon singing her 1969 hit song – Put aContinue reading “love”


Own your power ~ Every storm brings a fresh new beginning. POWER. Personal POWER. EmPOWERed. Disappointment, heartache, physical loss, and betrayal (our inner storms) often leave us feeling POWERless. This week’s card is inviting us to look at our inner storms differently. Rather than feeling frustrated, blaming ourselves or others, and giving up we areContinue reading “power”


Step into the light ~ Share your gifts and talents with the world. Are you sharing your gifts and talents with the world.  If not, what is holding you back?   Fear, perhaps? It often holds me back and when I look at it I discover that underlying this fear is a limiting belief thatContinue reading “dance”


Have a good cry ~ Grief is a doorway to your deepest self. Grief! I know it well! My father passed away in November of last year from complications related to his dementia. He was 76. I miss him and think about him everyday. I want to briefly honor my loss as grieving the deathContinue reading “release”


Set boundaries ~ Protect your precious time and energy. Setting boundaries has never been my strong suit. My “people-pleaser” sub-personality works very hard to make sure that everyone is happy and taken care of.  She is not interested in my needs. Nor does she care that in her wish to be loved, she puts theContinue reading “boundaries”


Honor your resistance ~ Sometimes no action is the best action of all. Resistance is most often framed as a negative conscious or subconscious response or behavior around something you don’t want to do. In my meditation and women’s circles we find ourselves reflecting upon areas of resistance and ask: “What is this resistance?  WhatContinue reading “wait”

newly diagnosed

My cousin, Gretchen (not her real name) received a MS diagnosis last week. She is in her late thirties. Oh so young. <sigh> Having lived with MS for almost 15 years, I know those first feelings of overwhelm, worry about the future and fear.  I sent her a short Facebook message (that’s the new wayContinue reading “newly diagnosed”