living “what is”

  Oh my, I have not written anything on this blog in almost a year. I didn’t realize that I have been away for so long… Much has happened this past year. Some good… some not so good. I will recap my year very briefly to give context for this blog post’s title. A yearContinue reading “living “what is””

squeezing lemons

It’s Day #27 of the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge.  Today we are invited to write about 5 challenges and 5 victories related to our health focus. I am going to write about both multiple sclerosis (MS) and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) in combination. Challenge 1 (the BIG one):  MS limits movement and CVI requiresContinue reading “squeezing lemons”

turning the inside out

My Day #25 of the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge post is a memory shared in the third person. I am going to share the memory of the day my life changed…. It was March 2003. Her master’s thesis was accepted. This was good news. Now it was time to do something about the muscleContinue reading “turning the inside out”

MS Awareness Month

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is one of my daily companions.  I didn’t invite her… she came on her own and decided not to leave. She is both a blessing and a curse.  I honor her this month, as it is MS Awareness Month, by offering this great little video by the National MS Society. Allow meContinue reading “MS Awareness Month”

Healing through Multiple Sclerosis

I follow Cathy Aten’s Healing Through Multiple Sclerosis blog. She is a gifted writer and I find truth and humor in her writing. Here is an excerpt from a recent post that moved me a great deal….. “HEALING”, for me, is the absence of desiring ‘other’. To get there means being in partnership with thisContinue reading “Healing through Multiple Sclerosis”