Honor your resistance ~ Sometimes no action is the best action of all. Resistance is most often framed as a negative conscious or subconscious response or behavior around something you don’t want to do. In my meditation and women’s circles we find ourselves reflecting upon areas of resistance and ask: “What is this resistance?  WhatContinue reading “wait”


Decide for yourself ~ Exercise your right to choose. Strong 3rd chakra (the solar plexus) message here. The 3rd chakra governs our vitality, strength of will, sense of purpose and effectiveness. It is the fire in our belly that fuels our right to act and make choices. Sonia Choquette describes the 3rd chakra’s power ofContinue reading “independence”


Honor your top priorities ~ If it’s not an absolute yes, then it’s a no. Just the card I needed this week. Isn’t it wonderful the synchronicities that show up? This card is a great reminder this week to spend some time reflecting on my DECISIONS and to make them based on my priorities. SoContinue reading “decisions”


Charge forward ~ Be willing to make mistakes. Nike would say… “Just Do It… Face your fears….look them square in the eye…. and with confidence…. move forward… the only mistake is to not have tried. Wise words… Not so easy to practice. When I draw a self-care card for the week, I shuffle the deckContinue reading “progress”


Focus your energy ~ There is amazing power in a strong intention. This is the perfect card for me this week. (I hope it is for you, too). Part of the reason I am doing this 52 week self-care journey is become more aware of my own need for good self-care. (That’s the practice whatContinue reading “intent”


Speak gently to yourself ~ Cherish the child within. It is already week four of the of the 52 week self-care series…. 48 weeks to go. So far we have reflected upon trust, revelation, and guidance.  This week we are exploring TENDERNESS. After pulling this card, I was immediately reminded of a quote from theContinue reading “tenderness”