the 3 p’s

Yesterday(May 31, 2017) was World MS Day and we were invited to share a tip that we found helpful in living with MS. I had intended this post for yesterday but my website was down. So…. better late than never…. here is my tip for living with MS or any chronic illness. I call itContinue reading “the 3 p’s”

living “what is”

  Oh my, I have not written anything on this blog in almost a year. I didn’t realize that I have been away for so long… Much has happened this past year. Some good… some not so good. I will recap my year very briefly to give context for this blog post’s title. A yearContinue reading “living “what is””

intro to the paleo diet with Chris Kresser

This post was started on March 14, 2014 and I am finally getting around to finishing it and posting it for you. Since that time I am 55 pounds lighter and feel good. This is the first of many posts about the paleo diet and autoimmune protocol that I have adopted to manage multiple sclerosis.Continue reading “intro to the paleo diet with Chris Kresser”


Connect with someone special ~ A loved one is a gift to treasure. Creating Heart Connections was the name of my business and now it is the name my website. It describes all the services and/or classes that I still offer to anyone seeking a more “heart-centered” life. It’s content doesn’t change much but IContinue reading “connection”


Have a good cry ~ Grief is a doorway to your deepest self. Grief! I know it well! My father passed away in November of last year from complications related to his dementia. He was 76. I miss him and think about him everyday. I want to briefly honor my loss as grieving the deathContinue reading “release”


Set boundaries ~ Protect your precious time and energy. Setting boundaries has never been my strong suit. My “people-pleaser” sub-personality works very hard to make sure that everyone is happy and taken care of.  She is not interested in my needs. Nor does she care that in her wish to be loved, she puts theContinue reading “boundaries”

newly diagnosed

My cousin, Gretchen (not her real name) received a MS diagnosis last week. She is in her late thirties. Oh so young. <sigh> Having lived with MS for almost 15 years, I know those first feelings of overwhelm, worry about the future and fear.  I sent her a short Facebook message (that’s the new wayContinue reading “newly diagnosed”

the one who….gives

In my last post, I wrote about being the recipient of small acts of kindness. It feels really good to be on the receiving end.  But did you know that it is even more powerful to be the giver? A few years ago, I came across the website of Cami Walker. Cami was diagnosed withContinue reading “the one who….gives”

suffering is optional

I find great comfort in the Buddhist practices of mindfulness and meditation even though I am not a practicing Buddhist. For someone like me who lives with a chronic illness, Buddhist concepts teach acceptance of whatever is present in life. I have found their teachings practical and compassionate. I received the new issue of the ShambhalaContinue reading “suffering is optional”