the 3 p’s

Yesterday(May 31, 2017) was World MS Day and we were invited to share a tip that we found helpful in living with MS. I had intended this post for yesterday but my website was down. So…. better late than never…. here is my tip for living with MS or any chronic illness. I call itContinue reading “the 3 p’s”

what is frontal temporal dementia?

  Viewing this via email? Click here to view the video. I attended a family seminar on Frontal Temporal Dementia (FTD) and Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA) yesterday at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. It was of particular interest to me as my family carries the familial gene for FTD. I learned a lot, probably more thanContinue reading “what is frontal temporal dementia?”

living “what is”

  Oh my, I have not written anything on this blog in almost a year. I didn’t realize that I have been away for so long… Much has happened this past year. Some good… some not so good. I will recap my year very briefly to give context for this blog post’s title. A yearContinue reading “living “what is””

holding space

All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well. – Julian of Norwich I came across (on Facebook) this lovely interview from Grace Quantuck that I am pleased to share. Learn more about Grace here. I am a big fan of Heather Plett. Enjoy! In this interviewContinue reading “holding space”


Reconsider a commitment ~ You have the right to change your mind. It’s absolutely true! We can change our mind….. Ever say yes to something and then …. the more you think about it you regret saying “yes?” Me, too! As women, we tend to over-commit. We juggle work, raising a family, maintaining a householdContinue reading “choice”


Schedule a sacred date with yourself ~ You deserve time for your life. I did just that…. schedule some time for myself this past week. A friend and I attended a 2 day yoga nidra retreat at the Christine Center in Willard WI on the 27th and 28th. Not that the trip needs any justification…Continue reading “time”


Take the leap ~ Your courage will see you through. COURAGE. I am going to go off program this week to visit the past. Five years ago (August 2010) I wrote a series of posts on the Serenity Prayer. I was inspired to do so by Dr. Emmett Miller who created a delightful guided imageryContinue reading “courage”


Resurrect a childhood dream ~ Let your passion take flight. PASSION, as used here, is defined as a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything. I don’t recall any one thing from my childhood that I was or still am PASSIONATE about.  I have always struggled with the answering the career coaching question: “What didContinue reading “passion”

intro to the paleo diet with Chris Kresser

This post was started on March 14, 2014 and I am finally getting around to finishing it and posting it for you. Since that time I am 55 pounds lighter and feel good. This is the first of many posts about the paleo diet and autoimmune protocol that I have adopted to manage multiple sclerosis.Continue reading “intro to the paleo diet with Chris Kresser”