maitri …. unconditional friendship with one’s self. “The question is how do you relate when things are uncomfortable? That’s really the question.”   Pema Chodron One of my favorite teachers explains the Buddhist concept of maitri. While I do not claim to be a Buddhist, I have found their practices/teachings to be most helpful in managingContinue reading “maitri”

what I learned about dying from my family

My mother passed away this past February from dementia. My father passed away from Frontotemporal Dementia in 2014. My brother passed away from cancer this past summer and my mother-in-law also died after an extended illness two years ago. There have been many deaths in my family… too many… I first witnessed death over forty yearsContinue reading “what I learned about dying from my family”

the 3 p’s

Yesterday(May 31, 2017) was World MS Day and we were invited to share a tip that we found helpful in living with MS. I had intended this post for yesterday but my website was down. So…. better late than never…. here is my tip for living with MS or any chronic illness. I call itContinue reading “the 3 p’s”

tough days

Today is a tough day. My body aches, my head feels dull, and  I am more than tired….. I am exhausted even though I spent a wonderful weekend away with my husband as we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. I celebrated by “throwing caution to the wind” and eating whatever I wanted… pastries from the DoorContinue reading “tough days”

what is frontal temporal dementia?

  Viewing this via email? Click here to view the video. I attended a family seminar on Frontal Temporal Dementia (FTD) and Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA) yesterday at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. It was of particular interest to me as my family carries the familial gene for FTD. I learned a lot, probably more thanContinue reading “what is frontal temporal dementia?”

Living with a chronic illness?

for a friend, on the arrival of illness John O’Donohue Now is the time of dark invitation Beyond a frontier that you did not expect; Abruptly, your old life seems distant. You barely noticed how each day opened A path through fields never questioned, Yet expected deep down to hold treasure. Now your time onContinue reading “Living with a chronic illness?”