freedom to be

Whatever your circumstances, you are free to pen your poem, dance your dance, express the depths of your heart.

Jack Kornfield, No Time Like the Present

Jack Kornfield’s quote above is the inspiration for this post. The meditation group that I participate in is studying his book, No Time Like the Present; Finding Freedom, Love and Joy Right Where You Are. It is from a chapter he wrote on the importance of creativity.

I was drawn to this quote because I struggle, at times, with creativity. More specifically, giving myself permission (or approval) to be creative. To put my ideas on paper (or to blog) without self-censure or judgment that I am not good enough, perfect enough….. worthy. Or to post a picture of my latest quilt on-line because it is not “perfect.”

There is a lot to unpack in my two opening paragraphs… and I am acutely aware of how these beliefs about my self are limiting. They prevent me from enjoying the “freedom to be” that Kornfield describes in his book. I share them here because I know that I am not alone. So many of us struggle with limiting beliefs that prevent us from living our full potential.


But this blog post is not meant to be a deep diveor a book. Rather, I would just like to offer some thoughts about the freedom to be creative, to share our gifts freely those around us or the world. How to feel the fear and “do it anyway.” To not hold back.

For me, that means that when I feel inspired by a quote like the one above or have an idea about a blog post to just do it. (Nike made have gotten this one right). Even as I write this the little voice in my head is telling me all sorts of things like… you are not making sense.. or how can this be helpful? Can you relate?

Here’s the deal.

We are born to create and we create every day. We create a look or style in the way that we dress, act or move. We create health when we nourish and care for our bodies. We create joy when we share our talents through our work or activities that we are passionate about. We create a life in the way that we love.

Creativity and creative expression may just be the key to the freedom to be who we are that we all seek. Hmmm.

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