are we too connected?

I love this video and just had to share it…. mostly because I recognize the truth of what she is saying. As one who loves technology, I must confess that it has become an addiction.

This video is part of this week’s lesson in a course that I am taking [A Course in Mindful Living] on living mindfully. We are just finishing our 4th month and the timing couldn’t be more perfect for me.

We use conversation with each other to learn how to have conversations with ourselves.While I haven’t reached the point that I sleep with my phone, I do spend a great deal of time surfing or checking my email throughout the day. Instead of using technology as a tool to keep me connected to the world outside my home, it has become my world…. and I don’t think that is a good thing.

Not only am I sitting too much, but I am not getting anything done… like sewing or reading…. or especially housework. More importantly, though, as Ms.Turkle described, I am connecting less with others – in person.

Working as a therapist I had lots of opportunities for conversation. I still do when I teach or take part in classes at the wellness center.  But I wonder if that is really enough …

So, I must ask myself…. am I too connected to technology? Is there enough conversation in my life? Is it meaningful?  Am I able to be truly present with another? How well do I know them?

Many, many questions arise as I reflect upon my use of technology.  Am I using technology as a tool or has it become a distraction, pulling me away from connecting with others … or more importantly, getting to know myself.

How about you?

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