lessons from a mama cardinal

I have observed a pair of cardinals build a nest in the bush (more like a small tree) outside my office window this past week. It is a beautiful nest that is withstanding the April winds. There is probably eggs inside as I see the female resting in there quite often.

This morning was different. Instead of the female cardinal sitting in the nest there was a house finch (a cousin to the cardinal). When the female cardinal discovered her nest was hijacked she became angry. The little finch refused to give up the nest, lashing out at the cardinal every time she attempted to reclaim what was hers.

The male joined that battle, but the house finch was not going to give up the nest so easily. She called in reinforcements. Several males and another female joined  in and at one point it looked like they were going to win but the female cardinal would not give up.

After a time the male cardinal and finch recruitments dropped away tiring of the battle.  The two females continued to squawk and pick at each other. The female cardinal refused to give up and in the end… WON.  At least for now. I am sure that drama will continue but for now it over.

When they appear as a totem, they do so to remind us to become like them. Add color to your life, and remember that everything you do is of importance.Native Americans and shamanic teachings tell us that we can learn much by observing nature. A google search of “cardinal medicine” reveals that the female is unique in that she joins the male in song, recognizing the importance of listening to the inner (feminine) voice. Ted Andrews, Animal Speak, writes that this aspect of the female cardinal represents the need to be creative and pay attention to intuition more strongly.

My take-away or lessons from this female cardinal today, which coincidently occurred the day after I shared my story with a group of women from a local church, is to not be afraid to stand up for what I believe in.. to know and speak my truth…. and that whatever is wanting to be birthed in me… allow it to unfold.

I feel strangely connected to this bird as if she is telling me that standing my ground, speaking up, and paying attention to my intuition is my “work.”

Thank you, mama bird, for confirmation today that I am on the right track… and more importantly, that I am loved.


2 thoughts on “lessons from a mama cardinal

  1. You always amaze me with your blog posts. I loved the cardinal mama story… we would have fought as well. Keep up your fight. I think of you often!


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