Clear the clutter ~ When in doubt throw it out.

I am the clutter queen when it comes to my office and my sewing room. My eldest daughter often teases me about the fact that I am always cleaning off my desk…. sigh….If I just put everything away at the end of the day it would stay clutter free.

Alas, that has never been my practice. I like to have everything I am working on in plain sight and I am usually working on more than on project at a time.  Oh…  I tell myself it is not clutter but it really becomes that when the piles (projects) start to accumulate.

And have you noticed how clutter  or piles have a way of growing?

My husband and I are both really good at getting rid of “stuff.”  The benefit of having a small house is that we don’t have the storage space to keep so we are regularly donate to Goodwill, St. Vincent dePaul or the Easter Seals.  That, of course, does not apply to my office or my sewing room.

If you are looking for assistance with de-cluttering my good friend, Karyn, offers an ebook on clutter clearing. She makes it easy by breaking it down into manageable steps. You can find it here.

I also found this great infographic.

Enjoy! And may the de-cluttering force be with you.



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