Let go of the need to control ~ Trust in the wisdom of a Divine plan.

knowing yourself is the beginning of allMy life would be so much easier if I heeded this advice. I have huge control issues and they get me in trouble… a lot.

I didn’t intend to make this post a confession but it sure is turning into one. I’ll shift gears in a minute but first a few examples of my biggest control challenges – my children’s weddings.

My two youngest children got engaged a week apart a year ago last Christmas (2014). My son was married in October and my daughter’s wedding is coming up in August. Now you need to know that they are both in their 30’s so they aren’t necessarily looking for guidance from me even though I have tried to give it. My son, in desperation, asked me to stop offering suggestions, as they were overwhelmed with all the ideas being freely given.  Guilty.

My daughter, however, has difficulty making decisions and even though she doesn’t seek my opinion often, I need to step back when she does. Her wedding is in 65 days and she has much undone but appears unconcerned. Things will get done when they need to be done.  Her approach is totally challenging my need to control. I have to trust her and her process. My working on letting go of the need to control and awareness are allowing us both to grow…..

Now back to our card…. WISDOM.

I am not sure I would have named this card WISDOM based on guidance it offers.  For me, the word control grabbed my attention (stating the obvious). Equally important is trust and the concept of a Divine plan. Each part is and has been its own self-care card.

I relate WISDOM to intuition… a deep inner knowing. I also have a sense of the sacredness of WISDOM.  I love the writings of Joyce Rupp author of The Star in My Heart; Experiencing Sophia, Inner Wisdom. (Sophia is the Greek word for WISDOM).  She writes:

… I believe that Sophia is most always heard if I allow my knowledge, insights, and events to gestate in my heart. This means I must have some solitude for reflection. Taking time for this has been an ongoing struggle and tension in my life. I know intellectually that I must have time, space, and quiet in order to have this gestation occur. I yearn for this time, but my life gets so full, so busy, that I never seem to “have enough” of the time for solitude and quiet that I long for and need. ….. Sophia can give light and perspective on the things that stir and struggle in the heart.”

The quiet spaces in my life are necessary if there is to be a movement form the head to the heart, for it is in the heart that wisdoms are born. I can know and experience many things, but they remain only knowledge until I allow them to sink into the depths of my heart, there to toss and turn, to weep and to wail, to leap and to dance. Sophia helps me to take facts, data, events, experiences, down into my spiritual womb. There they sit in me, gestate, and are transformed into truths which are eventually  brought into the light of my consciousness. These discovered truths give my life a right ordering, where the best of who I am can come to be realized.

There is nothing more to add. She has beautifully captured the essence of WISDOM, in my opinion.  So I will stop here.

What does this card, WISDOM, mean for you this week?

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