Embrace your confusion ~ Let there be peace in not knowing all the answers.

Find your peace and everything will fall into place.What does it mean to sit in the unknowing?  To trust that with patience the next step will become known?

I wonder what my life would be like if I waited instead of took action or “control” of the situation?

My tendency is to act quickly and confidently when confused or uncertain. Most of the time it works out, I think…. or does it? Really?

I go into “control” mode when I feel anxious. In “control” mode I am NOT at PEACE. I am seeking PEACE through a false sense of control and I become attached to how I think things should be.

When I look deeper…. it is fear.

Fear of not knowing the answer… of failure… of being discovered… of not being good enough… of not making the right choice…..

You get the idea?

Instead, this week’s card is suggesting that there is PEACE in not knowing… in loosening the “control” reigns and allowing life to unfold.

When I imagine it I feel a deep sense of relief and PEACE.

Oh… I want more of that. How about you?

So this week I am going to throw out a challenge. The next time we (you and I) experience confusion or uncertainty about which way to go or what to do next – let’s just sit with it.

That means NO taking action or playing out scenarios in your mind.


Take a breath…. or two. (Or take as many as you need).

Make PEACE with the uncertainty.

I invite you to share what happens next.


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