Connect with someone special ~ A loved one is a gift to treasure.


Creating Heart Connections was the name of my business and now it is the name my website. It describes all the services and/or classes that I still offer to anyone seeking a more “heart-centered” life. It’s content doesn’t change much but I love idea of “creating heart CONNECTIONS”.  So I keep it… It serves as a reminder to me as to my purpose.

I use this site (Living “What Is”) as my primary site these days, blogging about living with MS or self-care. It is geared towards persons living with a chronic illness or issues related to an injury or aging… or whatever is up for me.  It is, for me, an important way to stay CONNECTED with others.  It IS a heart CONNECTION.

That said, I would like to focus this week’s self-care reflection on the importance of CONNECTION for people living with illness or dealing with issues of aging. As an occupational therapist and person with MS I know that it is easy to isolate myself because it takes a great deal of effort to leave my home. My home has everything I need… an office with a computer/internet, a NuStep, and a sewing room. Yes, I have everything I need right here except…..

People contact!

Living with a chronic illness or advanced age can be lonely. Friendships change. The ability to take part in previous activities may no longer be possible or fluctuate from day-to-day making it hard to keep up relationships based on shared interests. (Like long walks around the neighborhood)…. And loved ones and friends die. It’s depressing.

CONNECTION with others becomes paramount to living well with illness, injury or aging.  Sometimes we need the assistance of others to be safe or take care of personal care needs/home maintenance. We can pay for that help and it does make our life more manageable.  However it’s the love and support of family or friends that make life worth living…. and may even lead to greater wellness. (I love the quote in the image to the right).

I am reminded of the Cami Walker story. Cami founded the website and movement 29Gifts. She was given the prescription to give 29 gifts in 29 days to manage her MS symptoms.  These little gifts were 29 heart CONNECTIONS that changed her thinking and her life. Giving or being in service to another is powerful medicine… and I believe it is more than just offering a gift.  It is CONNECTING with the heart of another, an expression of our soul, and an experience of Oneness.

It’s the main reason that I offer Daily Inspiration or decided to offer this self-care series. It’s one of the ways that I can CONNECT with others on-line since I am no longer part of the workforce. It makes me feel like I am part of something bigger than myself. It feels good, too.

Living a life of wellness requires CONNECTION. Sometimes we have to get really creative to make CONNECTION with others happen especially when we are limited physically. I believe it is worth the effort.  What about you? How important is CONNECTION in your life?





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