Own your power ~ Every storm brings a fresh new beginning.


Personal POWER.


Disappointment, heartache, physical loss, and betrayal (our inner storms) often leave us feeling POWERless.

This week’s card is inviting us to look at our inner storms differently. Rather than feeling frustrated, blaming ourselves or others, and giving up we are gifted an opportunity to begin anew, to rise up like the phoenix.

But first, we must understand the thunder and lightning…. or the thoughts, emotions, limiting beliefs, disappointments, worries about the future….. the list of possibilities is long.

The key = awareness.

Awareness is POWER.

“Awareness is the key. Do we see the stories that we’re telling ourselves and question their validity? When we are distracted by strong emotion, do we remember that it is our path? Can we feel the emotion and breathe it into our hearts for ourselves and everyone else? If we can remember to experiment like this even occasionally, we are training as a warrior. And when we can’t practice when distracted but KNOW we can’t, we are still training well. Never underestimate the power of compassionately recognizing what’s going on.”  ― Pema Chödrön,


Awareness occurs in real-time.  It is always available and to access it, one must let go of thoughts or emotions related to the past or future and stay focused on what is happening in the present moment. It is mindfulness….. and it takes practice especially if your present moment is not pleasant.

Present moment awareness is a POWERful practice/skill to cultivate.

Personally, it is, and has been, my intention to live well with my chronic illness. For me, that means learning to keep my thoughts in the present moment. Regrets about the past or worry about the future only brings me down.  It is not easy to ignore the barrage of thoughts and stories that are always present in my mind. I am constantly asking myself: “Is this true?”  The answer is almost always “no.”  Byron Katie would ask…. How do I react when I believe it (my thoughts) to be true?

Focusing on the breath or doing a brief body scan to see where there is discomfort in my body and sending the breath there have been helpful to shift my energy. Meditation helps, too. Meditation also has the POWER to transform. Any activity practiced mindfully and with intention becomes a meditation…. folding laundry, washing dishes, yoga, or even walking the dog.

The Mental Health Benefits Of Meditation: It’ll Alter Your Brain’s Grey Matter, And Improve Memory, Sense Of Self

Now it is your turn….. If this were your card, what is its message for you?

Image Credit: Putut Handoko

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