Honor your resistance ~ Sometimes no action is the best action of all.

WaitingResistance is most often framed as a negative conscious or subconscious response or behavior around something you don’t want to do.

In my meditation and women’s circles we find ourselves reflecting upon areas of resistance and ask: “What is this resistance?  What is it teaching me?”  My answers are usually related to a fear of something and I judge that as negative.  (I like to think of myself as fearless).

But what if resistance, especially the awareness of resistance, is a message of intuitive guidance?

I can remember countless times when I felt strongly about not doing something in response to a challenge or when I was so undecided that I did nothing.  It turns out that WAITING was exactly the right thing to do.  The issue resolved itself (or mostly I discovered it wasn’t really my issue to deal with) or other options became available related to the decision that I thought was so urgently needed at the time.

Sometimes the WAIT allows for more clarity…. actually most of the time it does.

The challenge for me is to be aware of my resistance and WAIT. My modus operandi is to dive quickly into action. I tend to be impulsive and impatient at times. (It’s true). I spend most of the time in my head and fail to see the resistance that is there.

It is my goal to be more self-aware. My mindfulness practice has been helpful.

So, I ask myself:

How would my life be different if I honored my resistance? If I used my awareness to befriend it?  If I stopped my mind from playing out scenarios about it’s origins and allowed it to guide me?  

Sometimes taking actions like looking within to find its origin and working with my limiting beliefs or fears is what is needed. Other times it is about noticing it and, without judging it, WAIT.

How might your life be different if you allowed more time for WAITING vs taking action (or speaking)? 

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