Get a good night’s sleep ~ Rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

Oh my…. this is a great card. I am learning a lot about my need for sleep. Until recently, I was struggling with fatigue. I woke up in the wee hours and would be unable to fall back asleep…. and boy was I crabby.

sleeping womanThe need for sleep – the restorative and REJUVENATING 7 to 9 hours of rest each night offers may benefits. A restful sleep:

  1. reduces stress
  2. improves memory
  3. reduces inflammation
  4. helps the body repair
  5. supports weight loss
  6. good for your heart
  7. reduces the risk of depression.

Lack of sleep is associated with obesity, colds and flu, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and mental health issues. Who knew?

After months of feeling tired all the time, I decided to stop complaining about how tired I was and work on changing my evening routine.  After a fair amount of research this is what I came up with. So far it is working for me…. Maybe it will work for you too.

1. I stopped eating after 7 pm.  (Eating any later than that or having a late heavy meal keeps me awake).

2. I started taking 5HTP in the morning and a melatonin supplement at bedtime.  (as per Dr. Laura Koniver).  It’s working!

3. Blue light (i.e., light from TVs, computers, cell phones, and/or tablets) messes with our circadian rhythms, especially when used at night. I try to “unplug” in the evening and limit my TV watching after 9 pm.

* Amber colored lights/glasses may be helpful if you are unable to limit your exposure to blue light.  I haven’t had to do that yet …. but am considering it.  Learn more here.

4. My bedroom is dark, I removed the electric alarm clock from my bedside and use a battery-operated one, and I turn the heat down to 65 degrees.

After a few months, I wake up more rested (REJUVENATED) and sleep between 7 – 8 hours per night. I am even able to fall back asleep after I get up during the night to visit the bathroom.

My mood is much improved and my energy level during the day allows me to get done what I need to.  Daytime naps are rarely needed.  Yay!

How is your sleep? Do you wake up REJUVENATED?

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