Decide for yourself ~ Exercise your right to choose.

Strong 3rd chakra (the solar plexus) message here. The 3rd chakra governs our vitality, strength of will, sense of purpose and effectiveness. It is the fire in our belly that fuels our right to act and make choices.

3rd chakraSonia Choquette describes the 3rd chakra’s power of choice as:

” … one of the most powerful ways to strengthen our sovereignty is to realize that no matter what we face in life, our greatest power is the power of choice. No matter who appears to exert control over us, at some point our own agreement to go along with oppression causes us to become oppressed. Life can dictate that we suffer physical restrictions and limitations, but no one has the ability to restrict or in any way demean our spirit unless we agree to it.”

This card is most poignant given current scandal at the University of Oklahoma or the act of treason on the part of 47 senators. (Yep, I am daring to get political).  I can’t help but wonder if each of the participants surrendered their right to choose and went along with the crowd rather than say no. Of course, there is the strong possibility that it is the other way around – that they were indeed exercising their right to choose to defy protocol with good conscience.    Let’s move on.

Turning inward, the solar plexus is the space between the belly button and the rib cage. It governs the stomach, pancreas, adrenals, upper intestines, gall bladder and liver as well as the lower back. When the 3rd chakra is out of balance, you may experience problems with those areas of the body. On a mental level it determines our level of decision-making, direction and personal integrity. Emotionally it fuels our willingness and ability to trust our intuition.

The 3rd chakras mantra is: I choose. I intend. I will. 

In the spirit of transparency and to show non-judgment.(We all have issues). I will share that I am experiencing significant gut issues… related to or contributing to my autoimmune disease (MS). This is my second week of an elimination diet to heal the small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) that is causing leaky gut. It is not fun. It is by choice that I am eliminating all gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, nightshades, nuts and seeds from my diet…. and it is taking ALL of my will.

This approach is not supported by family or my medical community and requires me to step into my power and say no…. to ignore nay-sayers and press on…to listen to my own inner guidance about what is needed at this time to heal.   But there is more…..

Where have I given up my right to choose? Listened to others instead of my own knowing? Gone along with the crowd? What is my body teaching me?

My answers to those questions would fill a book.

How about you? Do you exercise your right to choose or do you surrender to the desires of another?  What does INDEPENDENCE mean to you?

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