Honor your top priorities ~ If it’s not an absolute yes, then it’s a no.

Just the card I needed this week. Isn’t it wonderful the synchronicities that show up?

decisonsThis card is a great reminder this week to spend some time reflecting on my DECISIONS and to make them based on my priorities. So really it is about getting clear on what I value most or my top priorities.

We just returned from twelve days of vacation (in warmer weather) and we ate out a lot. I did not follow my autoimmune food plan and I stepped on the scale this morning 10 pounds heavier.

How did that happen? I made a lot of DECISIONS about what to eat but they were not based on my priority for healing my gut. Rather they were made in moment and while I always had a healthier choice, I told myself I was on vacation and eating healthy is too hard. Although that is really not true (and that is a topic for another post), it was self-sabotage or is healing my gut really as important to me as I claim?  hmmmmm…….

It looks like I am going to get lots of practice saying NO to foods this week that do not offer healing and say YES to those that do. Healing my gut is a top priority now that I have returned home.

(I forgive myself for giving in to my addiction to sugar and accept responsibility for my poor food choices [DECISIONS] while away from home. … and begin again).

While DECISIONS about food may seem trivial, Father Richard Rohr teaches that “how we do anything, is how we do everything.” I have used food as an example in this post. How I approach saying yes or no to anything is the same. I “give in” to the moment and not really consider what I really need.

For me, this also applies to the times when I have over scheduled myself or someone asks me to do something I really don’t want to do. Instead of saying no, I say yes and later regret it.

How about you? Do you find yourself saying yes when your really want to say no? How do you make DECISIONS? Do you make big decisions and small decisions the same way like Father Rohr suggests?

Photo Credit: Evgeny Atamanenko

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