Ask for help ~ Receiving is an act of generosity.

Asking for helpWhhaatttt you say?  Receiving is an act of generosity? Asking for help is not really a sign of weakness after all?  If that is the case, why is it so hard?

Not only do I resist asking for help, I also have a hard time accepting it when offered.  “Oh, that’s okay. I can do it,” even when I really would appreciate the help.

As an occupational therapist I would teach my patients to ask for and accept help when offered.  That was easy for me to teach (or preach) because I was, in my mind, independent. I did not truly understand what I was advocating as I had not yet been humbled by the arrival of illness.

Over the past 14 years, I have learned, one baby-step at a time, to ask…. and to graciously say “thank you” when help is offered. I am grateful each day for the things that I can do.

I watch my neighbor, who is in her 80’s, struggle the past five years with this very issue as her health has declined. She has reached the point where she has no choice but to receive help from others to stay in her home. She loves to bake. For years she supplied the neighbors with baked goodies and witty verse…. and now we are able to repay her kindness.  It feels good.

Giving to others has many benefits for the giver as well as the receiver.  It is balm for the soul and can lift the giver, as well as the receiver,  out of a funk. It also has the power to heal. (Learn about the 29Gifts movement).

So when we ask for or accept help from others we are offering them the wonderful opportunity “feel good.”

And…. don’t we all want some of that?  I know I do.

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