Focus your energy ~ There is amazing power in a strong intention.

This is the perfect card for me this week. (I hope it is for you, too). Part of the reason I am doing this 52 week self-care journey is become more aware of my own need for good self-care. (That’s the practice what I preach part).

It is my INTENTION to live well with the MS and vascular disease that is present in my body. So I keep up with  the latest research, read books and follow blogs on managing autoimmunity. (See what I am reading).  I spend a great deal of time and energy learning about how to “be” well.

And I am exhausted…. deeply exhausted.

This is a new place for me as I have always considered myself very fortunate to not have deep fatigue (or lassitude) that others with MS experience. At first I blamed my fatigue on the recent death of my father, grieving takes a toll even on the healthy. Perhaps it is just part of winter – we’ve had so many really gloomy days.  Or too many nights with little sleep. While all those things are a reason, I think the answer isn’t so simple.

Living well with a chronic illness or injury requires more than just the INTENTION to do so. It requires attention and or focus on what is present and needed each day…. each moment. It is my INTENTION to focus my attention on what my body needs today to “be” well…..

When I close my eyes and ask my body what it needs…. it tells me rest.  This week my INTENTION is to get restorative sleep each night and take a nap in the afternoon, if needed.

I received an email this week from Laura Koniver, MD about sleep. (A wonderful bit of synchronicity, once again).  Read it here.

She states that poor sleep contributes to:

  1. memory impairment
  2. shorter life span
  3. weight gain
  4. anxiety and other debilitating mood disturbances
  5. dementia and increased incidence of Alzheimer’s
  6. widespread brain atrophy…..

For me, focusing on restorative sleep at night and giving myself permission to take a nap (without guilt) is an important part of my wellness journey.  The challenge is to make this INTENTION part of my life and not just the focus of my energy this week.

How about you?  What is your self-care INTENTION this week? Year?

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