Ask for guidance ~ The Divine will meet your every need.

This week’s self-care card is GUIDANCE.

divine guidanceWhat I know about GUIDANCE is that it is always available through:

1.observing nature,

2. sitting with a question in stillness/meditation,

3. sleep, and

4. prayer.

Nature teaches us about life and death… and everything in between.  Seasons change. Storms come and go, cleansing the earth, bringing us rainbows. Some days are warm and sunny and others overcast and bone-chilling. Mother Nature is always reminding us that we have no control over the weather. We can choose to dress appropriately or take shelter from the cold …. and be comforted that whatever challenges we face, good or bad, that like the weather “this too shall pass.”

Of late, there have been many videos and images posted on Facebook of animals adopting or befriending a different species. I see those as divine messages encouraging us to open our hearts to one another…. and not just in times of need.

Denise Linn, Secret Language of Signs, teaches that in every moment the universe is whispering to us.

There are messages carried on the winds. There is wisdom for you in the morning songs of the birds outside your window and in the soft murmurs of an ebbing sea. Even ordinary, everyday events in your life carry communications from the realm of spirit.

When facing a challenge, I often forget to check-in with the Divine. I usually make decisions/choices using my mind. Sometimes that works well but not always. Too often I give too much consideration to what others may think.  I’ve discovered that getting quiet (i.e., taking the time to sit still) so I can hear what is in my heart leads to more favorable outcomes. I don’t always get an answer to my question right away. Sometimes it comes out in my journal writing or when I experience an a-ha moment as described in my last post on REVELATION.

One of my favorite ways to seek GUIDANCE is by asking for it before I fall asleep.  I do need to add a disclaimer here that sometimes this backfires and keeps me awake at night so I don’t use it when I am dealing with a big issue. For example, I actually drew this self-care card on Tuesday evening so that I could sleep on it before beginning to write on Wednesday (before posting on Thursday). I woke with a sense of what I wanted to write…. and the rest just flows as I begin to press the keys.  (I never remember my dreams…. but they can also offer guidance).

Never underestimate the power of prayer. I have a lovely little ritual that I learned from Joyce Rupp (Open the Door: A Journey to the True Self).

A Prayer for Openness

Bring to mind this loving presence within you and around you as you pray the following:

1. Touch your fingertips to your forehead, saying: Open my mind to remember your presence.

2. Touch your fingertips to your mouth, saying: Open my mouth to speak your wisdom.

3. Touch your fingertips to your heart, saying: Open my heart to extend your love.

4. Hold both hands out, open, palms up, saying: Open my hands to serve you generously.

5. Holding arms wide open, saying: Open my whole being to you.

Make a deep bow to the loving presence in you.

How do you ask for and receive guidance?

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Photo Credit: Stephen Orsillo

2 thoughts on “guidance

  1. I remember when our Golden Retriever adopted a young raccoon whose mother had been killed when run over by a car in front of our house. “Goldie” was my father’s hunting dog. Even with that as part of her nature, Goldie nurtured that raccoon, groomed her, and even taught her that when you come in the house, you don’t go beyond the kitchen. I love that you inspire us to keep our hearts open to the Divine who speaks to us through all of nature.


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