Listen to your life ~ The right path will reveal itself.

The second card in our 52 week self-care journey is REVELATION.

There is a voice that doesn't use words, listen.Wow… that is the perfect card to follow TRUST since trust is required.  (I am always in awe of the synchronicity of these cards).

This card offers the guidance to listen…. listen and the right path will reveal itself. It is a reminder for me to spend time each day in meditation or stillness. It is the invitation to step away from the “shoulds” that drive my daily thoughts and actions and live with greater awareness of “what is.”

REVELATiON is the a-ha moment that hits like a thunderbolt when I gain a new insight based on the truth. Those times when I know what I know but I can’t explain how or why I know it…. I just do. My path is very clear in those brief moments and my heart is wide open.  I know who I am.

Sadly, those moments don’t last very long or come very often. I wonder what would happen if I made time for meditation everyday.  How might my life be different if I made space for “listening.”

The dictionary defines REVELATION as the making known of something that was previously secret or unknown.

What are your thoughts on REVELATION?  What is your life telling you? 

To learn more about the 52 week self-care journey, click here

Photo credit:  Kelly Nelson

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