real food

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Hippocrates

I resisted for a long time. 

It’s too restrictive… I can’t do it. It won’t really make a difference anyway. It doesn’t fit with my lifestyle…. blah, blah, blah!

Yep, I am talking about food and that four letter word, diet. But not just any diet… a healthy diet that I could live with and that would help me manage my multiple sclerosis (MS).

Whenever I asked my inner guides (topic for another post), their guidance was simple – eat real food. 


fruit, vegetables, nuts, fats, meatThat was not helpful…. until, I discovered real food. The Paleo/Primal diet is a real food diet.  There is also a real food movement. Who knew?

And…. drum roll… there is an autoimmune paleo diet version for individuals dealing with any number of health issues, including MS. I’ll be darned.

The basic concept is quite simple….nothing processed or artificial. If it comes out of a box it is not allowed. No gluten, no dairy, no grains, no legumes… Check it out, here.

After several months of research and the purchase of several books, I began the diet.  I have not begun the autoimmune (AIP) version yet as I have learned that gradual changes work best for me… and the AIP is quite restrictive.

So…. I would like to share what I am learning with you via this blog. It is my intention to blog at least weekly. (At least I am going to set that intention).

No, my MS has not magically disappeared or my symptoms abated… but I have lost weight. That is a good thing.

Did I mention that I am eating bacon and drinking bone broth made from oxtails? I have a lot to share.  🙂  Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “real food

  1. I’ll be interested in how you progress with this diet. I recently read a book by
    Walter C. Willett, MD. He works for the Harvard School for Public Health. Many of his recommendations fit with the Paleo diet, but not all. He has his own food pyramid which is very different from the USDA version. Jim and I use little processed food and try for a healthy diet. Yesterday I ate at McDonalds and didn’t feel too good afterwards! Keep us informed. I’m interested in how you do. Jennifer gets almost all her food from local farmers at the farmer’s market.

    Love, Ellen


  2. I reread my comment and realize that it looks like I don’t like McDonalds! I’ve had lots of meals there that didn’t make me feel bad. I think it’s because my gallbladder is acting up that I felt sick. I’ll be glad when my surgery is over…this Friday, Yeah!


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