stop striving and be present to your life as it is

How different it is now, just following what seems right, going where something opens, responding to what is given. I am letting myself be guided; I have been empowered to respond to tender, subtle senses of direction. I have agreed to the empowering. I, or my heart, has said yes. — Gerald May

The quote above landed in my inbox this morning (from Anne Marie Bennett at KaleidoSoul). It was just what I needed today. A few weeks ago, I gave up my “business” to pursue my passions. My decision came with a sense of relief and freedom…. from striving.

Here’s the kicker… nothing is changing.  Creating Heart Connections and this blog will continue.  However, without the striving, I am able to pursue my other passions  (This year it is quilting) without feeling guilty that I am not working on my “business.” …. and I no longer have to keep track of all my business expenses or renew my LLC.  That feels pretty darn good!

To stop striving is foreign to me. I am, after all, a first-born super-achiever and in my years working as a therapist, I did very well. I was a type A.  Nothing cures Type A-ism better than illness and I went kicking and screaming. Caught up in the need to contribute or achieve, I have attempted to build a business coaching and consulting. After spending lots of time (several years, really) trying to make a name for myself, I had to look at what I really wanted…. only to discover that it is already here.  I just needed to stop striving for something else.

So, I have settled into my life, working a little, playing a little, and making time for creative activities. My open schedule allows me time to wonder and explore – to discover who I am and my soul’s purpose during this lifetime.

Where do you need to stop striving?



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