small acts of kindness

I have been the recipient of many small acts of kindness these past few months. They are greatly appreciated and not taken for granted.  I label them small but in reality, for me, they are grand.

smallactsofkindnessI have attended a yoga class twice a week for the last four years. At first I was able to take part in class without any difficulty but as my  MS has progressed I am needing support during the standing poses. One of my yoga friends has a chair waiting for me when I arrive at class.  I used to drag a chair in from the hall, trying to maintain my balance and navigate the doorway at the same time. Having a chair waiting for me makes me feel like I belong….. and more importantly, I feel seen.

I haven’t blogged much this spring and it has not gone unnoticed. I never really know if anyone is really reading my posts and am surprised and delighted that my aunt and several of my friends reached out to inquire if I was okay…. It has been a challenging winter as some new symptoms and a mild depression came a-calling. I am feeling better with the assistance of medication.  Their phone calls and emails were timely and are a reminder for me that  a simple phone call or email can brighten someone’s day.

I traveled to North Carolina with a friend this past weekend to meet my daughter who was on a business trip. We visited the  lovely Biltmore House. My daughter carried my walker up many flights of stairs so that I could go on the tour and my travel companion helped with luggage and doors making travel much easier.

This is what I know:

Seemingly small acts of kindness can brighten someone’s day and make them feel seen.  I know from my lived experience (and from my work as an occupational therapist)  persons who live with chronic illness are often not seen or heard for who they are.  Small acts of kindness send the message that “I see you” “I care about you” You are important to me”…. and that is GRAND!

Thank you to all my family and friends whose small acts of kindness make me feel loved.  I feel blessed. 


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