the big debate

debate buttonI am participating in a big debate (mentally). I am second guessing my decision to close this blog. All my business gurus tell me to focus on one thing to grow your business… It hasn’t been working so well. This website isn’t about my business… it’s about my life.

I don’t like to write much about my life with MS. My goal is to offer a positive perspective and demonstrate that I am more than the illness that is in my body…. But ignoring or denying what is happening in my body isn’t really working for me anymore. I want to share what is happening. The real truth.

So the debate is… do I bring this website back to life? Can I manage both sites… the one for my business, Creating Heart Connections, and this one?  I am going to publish this post and I invite your comments below.

As far as my MS goes… it sucks right now. I am dancing, once again, with some depression and overall low energy. It would be easy to blame it on this up and down weather we’ve been having lately but the truth is I have more discomfort in my body these days. My legs have felt like they are on fire… and I don’t like the feeling.There I said it.

The debate continues…

Oh.. and it is National MS Awareness Month.  The MS that is in my body certainly has my awareness. <sigh>

10 thoughts on “the big debate

  1. I think you should tell it like it is. People will relate. Even if we don’t have MS, most of us have aches, pains, bad days and/or a chronic illness. Sometimes putting on a happy face doesn’t help. We all deserve to complain once in a while.


    1. Thank you Micki. Your comment is helpful. My health issues are so “in my face” right now that writing about may be helpful…a living journal of the ups and downs of living well with an illness even though it doesn’t always feel so.


  2. I agree that you should tell it like it is…one of the reasons I like reading your posts is that I can relate…you are honest —not complaining and you don’t give up which is inspiring to others.


    1. Thank you Linda…. Interestingly, I look to you for inspiration. Managing an illness, as you know, takes patience, inner strength and discipline. All qualities that you emulate and I aspire to each day. Some days are better than others though our shared teachings would say it is neither good nor bad – it just is. 🙂


  3. Peg,
    I think you should continue . . . You point up problems we all face and suggest solutions or references to answer questions on the subject. I don,t have ms but all of your insights apply to my RA. I would appreciate hearing more, so keep going, for all of us
    Carol Lewis


  4. Hi Peggy,
    It has been awhile. I am sorry to hear that the MS is nagging you. I have always thought of you as a person with a positive, uplifting spirit. I think you should keep up the blog. Writing can be healing.Reality is not always pleasant, sometimes it just plain sucks, but “what is, is” and when things are rough I appreciate hearing about it the way it is.

    Penny Raimer


    1. Penny…thank you for your kind words. It has been so long since I’ve seen you and I appreciate the time you took to respond. Truth is it is a lot of work to stay positive ALL the time. Life has ups and downs, dips and dives, and sharp curves… As you know, rarely is the road straight. This feels like dipping… Looking forward to the rise up.


  5. Peggy, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re feeling depressed and that your MS is kicking up. I think that the name of your blog: Living What Is, includes the idea that, when you are suffering, you should be able to articulate that. I don’t think there’s anyone exempt from suffering or from needing support from time to time. You are a strong and wonderful woman and I admire your courage, but once in a while, getting real means you really need to let people know that you’re suffering. As far as this blog goes, I always enjoy getting your latest post in my e-mail box, but maybe if you take a break from it for some time, you’ll feel like getting back to it, or maybe you’ll decide to let it go. Know that I’m sending healing thoughts your way.

    Love, Aunt Ellen


  6. Hi Ellen,

    So sorry for my delayed response to your kind words and encouragement. We have been in Minnesota for the past week tending to my husband’s father who had open heart surgery. I came home totally exhausted and took two days to just rest. Good thing was that I spent some extra time with my dad which is always a good thing.

    It was wonderful to spend some time with you and JIm while we were in AZ.

    I have a friend who signs all her emails with blessings of peace, love and chocolate. I love that … sending YOU blessings of peace, love and chocolate….



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