showing up for your life with chronic illness

This week I am reflecting upon what it means to show up when you are living with a chronic illness.  I am participating in a coaching group, journaling class, and writer’s workshop. It requires me  to just show up. I get that … It is important to do the work.

living well with chronic illness requires us to show upThe past few days I have pondered the question – What does it mean to show up for your life when you are ill?  It’s a big question. For me, it is easier to show up for all those other things. After all, I made the commitment and paid my money. It is easy for me to keep the commitments I make to others…. not so easy to keep the commitments to myself.

What does showing up for my illness look like?

Showing up for my illness(es) means that I take responsibility and honor the commitments I make to myself to:

  • eat healthy foods,
  • move some each day (don’t want to call it exercise),
  • meditate/pray,
  • be of service to another (even if all I can muster is a smile),
  • and spend some time doing things that nourish my soul like gathering with friends and family or being creative.
Do I show up everyday? Nope. It is my intention everyday but I don’t always keep those commitments to myself (or my illness). I am often sidetracked or derailed by life events.. and some days I just don’t do it. I am not showing up.
 I try not to beat myself up when I fall short.  After all, showing compassion for myself is showing up, too… I  should add that to my list. Perhaps I will add it to the top.
How about you? What does showing up for your illness or injury look like to you? What do you do when you fall short?

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