cruisin’ in my cadillac

It is Day #28 of the Health Activist’s Writer’s Month Challenge. The prompt is to write about the first time we did something. I am going to recycle a post I wrote in August 2010 about the first time I took my walker out in public.

Sitting in my cadillacCruising the neighborhood has a whole new meaning for me today. My vehicle – a four-wheeled walker with a seat. The color is lavender and it comes equipped with a basket, all terrain wheels and hand brakes. It’s a beauty as far as walkers go.  I call it my cadillac.

The first block I was on the verge of tears, whole myriad of emotions caught in my throat. I wanted to turn around and go back. I felt stupid and told myself so. Did I really even need it or was I exaggerating my need for an assistive device? Perhaps it would be better if I just continued to walk on my treadmill.

And then, I noticed the breeze blowing through the trees, the beautiful flowers, and the small boys delivering The Shopper Stopper. My thinking shifted from thoughts of woe to gratitude and appreciation. For the first time in a long time I could look about while walking and enjoy my surroundings more easily when I wasn’t concentrating on each step.

Today my walk was short and close to home. Perhaps tomorrow I will have the courage to walk further knowing that it really isn’t about the distance. Rather it is about being seen and opening my heart to acceptance of what is, kissing the earth with each step.


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