living well with chronic illness or physical challenge

Day # 26. The prompt for today’s post for the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge is to create a tagline for our blog, health condition, etc. I have one as you can see.  It is included in the header of this blog. … and there is more.

ILaw of Attractiont is a shortened version of the “who, who, what” statement that I created as part of a class called The Way of the Peaceful Entrepreneur with Kelly Kingman and Pace Smith.  (I am continuing to work with Pace to launch to redefine the cyberspace around this blog and my website, Creating Heart Connections).  It could also be called my elevator speech.

I help people explore the spiritual aspects of living well with a chronic illness or physical challenge.

It came from an exercise where we described our ideal client. Mine is people living with a chronic illness, physical challenge, or who are dealing with issues related to aging (the demographic). The second “who” describes the psychographic or subjective criteria.  In my statement is it the “people who wish to explore the spiritual aspects” of their illness, who are seeking meaning.  The “living well” part of my statement is the what they are seeking.  It looks easy now that it is finished but it was a challenging assignment as I had not clearly defined it before.

Interestingly, a few days after I launched this new blog I was invited to take part in this 30 day challenge.  It is helping me learn more about myself and it bringing even more clarity to what this blog offers.   It gives testimony to Laws of Attraction and the Universe bringing to me  exactly what I need  when I am clear about what that is. I can’t wait to see what comes next.


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