don’t forget….

Day #22 of the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge post is about creating “sticky note” reminder of something we forget inspired by htt;://  This was so much fun that I plan to do it again.

Listen closely and let your heart lead you.

Every day, upon awakening, it is my intention to pay attention to my inner guide and make choices that resonate with my heart.  I remember until the business of the day sets in and then it is gone until I go to bed and reflect upon my day. I tell myself I will do better tomorrow…. So this is a big forgetting for me.

Perhaps you would like to create your own “sticky note?”  I used ipiccy, a free on-line program for editing photos.

Here are the steps:

  1. select create new collage
  2. next to the spacing option is a gray-colored box. Click on it and replace the 000000 code with ffd700.  The color should change to a bright yellow.
  3. select a set of images from the basic box, it doesn’t matter which one because you are going to merge them to create a yellow square.
  4. select autofill
  5. select the collage tab (next to the photo library tab
  6. select create collage
  7. the next screen shows a large golden-yellow box
  8. select the blender tab (looks like a stack of papers)
  9. from here you can add text, stickers, shapes, etc.
  10. when you are finished, select DONE, in the upper right hand corner

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