healing is remembering our wholeness

It is Day #20 of the Health Activist Writer’s Challenge and I am deviating from the suggested prompt to write about a miracle cure.  While I believe in miracles, the stigma associated with miracle cures brings up some resistance. Instead, I am going to re-post a blog I wrote in February of 2009 inspired by a talk I attended given by Deepak Chopra. I offer it again as it is just as pertinent  today.

Last evening I was privileged to hear Deepak Chopra speak at the Masonic Temple in Madison. I have read a few of his books but had never heard him speak – I was pleasantly surprised and truly engaged, hanging on his every word like a teenager with a crush.   He began his talk, titled Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul, with the story of how he came to this country as a young doctor.  He is an entertaining storyteller and a spiritual teacher with a very important message about consciousnesss and health.

He shared many pearls from his experience as a physician, teacher, parent and human being. Here are a few:

  • There are three paths to consciousness – contemplation, reflection, and meditation  AND there are three aspects of the soul – personal, archetypal, and universal.
  • There are four paths to unity – being, feeling, thinking, and doing which translate into silence, love, creativity and service, respectively.
  • Freedom comes from choiceless awareness.
  • There are many dimensions of the consciousness – soul, cosmic, Christ, Divine, and Unity.
  • The world is a mirror of the Self……

My favorite, though is that healing is the remembrance of our wholeness. Those words resonated deeply with me as I continue to “struggle” with the changes in my body.  I believe that is his point – to give up the struggle and to surrender to what is.   We are more than our bodies.  I am more than my body…. it is merely the vehicle for my soul.  Or in the Sufi tradition, it is the temple of God.  His words brought me to tears during my meditation practice today.  My soul recognized its truth.   Thank you, Dr. Chopra.

In closing, Dr. Chopra invited us to seek the intoxication of love….

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