guess who’s coming to dinner?

It is Day #19 of the 30 day Health Activist Writer’s Challenge.  Our prompt is to invite about five guests we’d like to invite to dinner.  I didn’t have a clue so I posed the question upon waking this morning. Be careful what you ask for… guess who is coming to dinner at my house?

table settingGolda Meir, Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger, Betsy Ross, and my deceased grandmother, Dorothy Murray

What an interesting group? I can link four of them based on the time they lived with the exception of Betsy Ross. Of the five, Henry Kissinger is the only one occupying his body. Three of them are women, strong women. Golda Meir is the original “iron lady” and is described as strong-willed, straight-talking, grey-bunned grandmother of the Jewish people. Henry Kissinger received the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in Vietnam, serving under Gerald Ford. Gerald Ford was the only non-elected President, who created controversy with his pardon of President Nixon.

My grandmother was in her fifties during that time period.  It is easy to see the connections and I imagine they would have much to discuss and reminisce about.  Perhaps this gathering is about expressing regrets and offering apologies and forgiveness.  They might be scratching their heads at what is happening in the world… Have we made any progress at all?

The real mystery is around Betsy Ross’ membership in this elite group. I imagine her to be strongly aligned with my grandmother, who also lived a simple life as the wife of a farmer/carpenter and mother. My grandmother was a strong democrat. I did find it interesting when reading about Gerald Ford that he split with his party over women’s right to free choice and gay-lesbian marriage.

Yes, I think the discussion around the dinner table would be most interesting.  My hope is that it would be collegial and include hopes and dreams for a world of peace and the end of war.

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