the wounded healer

It is Day # 12 of  the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge. Our task today was to just allow the words to flow from our consciousness. I am choosing to repurpose a post I wrote in August of 2009 because it feels most pertinent to this writer’s group of wounded healers…. and I love the image.  So, forgive me as I take a different path today.

I just had my first astrology reading and was introduced to Chiron the Centaur. I was literally blown away by the image of Chiron as the “wounded healer” and the sychronicities in my life…. perhaps IT is written in the stars… our life journey and all of that!

Here is what I have learned about Chiron (very briefly). According to Greek mythology, Chiron was born of the union of Kronos (disguised as a horse) and  a nymph.  She was appalled by Chiron’s appearance and rejected him at birth (the greatest wound).  He is the master of the healing art.  He was a teacher/mentor to Achilles, Jason, Hercules and many others, teaching them to make music, dance, run, hunt, etc.  He was immortal and greatly respected.

One day Hercules accidentally shot him with a poison arrow in his leg. He was deeply wounded his student who deeply loved him and was never able to heal his wound. Since he was immortal his suffering was great.   He gave up his immortality and was placed in the sky.  We know him as the constellation Sagittarius.

In 1977  the planetoid Chiron was discovered orbiting between Saturn and Uranus.  In astrological terms, Chiron, symbolizes a bridge between our personal limitations/earthly lessons/physical body (Saturn) and our unique individuality/divine inspiration/realm of the divine (Uranus). He is linked to both parts and hold the key to healing the split between the two…. and here’s the really cool part.

In our lifetime, there are three major predictable crisis that correlate with the relationship of Saturn, Uranus and Chiron that we all must face as we grow.  The first is at around 30 years(physical realm), the second in our 40’s (emotional realm) and third around 50 years (soul).   According to Madeline Adams “chironic healing requires that we bring the wound to light to be acknowledged and integrated into who we are.  Acceptance of our woundedness then transforms and enriches our personal story, we can become our personal gift to share with the world.  The role of teacher, mentor or healer is possible after this time.  … The process of healing requires we give up the unfulfilled dream, let it go, accept its loss and by doing so we move into a new sense of freedom.  Freedom to live authentic lives from that place of knowing who we are.  Knowing that our flaws make us real and our hard won knowledge gives us something meaningful to give back to the world.”

So, for me, this time of low activity… this need for rest is really my time for reflection, for going within – the realization that this dis-ease in my body is forcing me to take a break. Once again I am reminded that healing is the remembrance of our wholeness and Chiron is inviting me to take this time to pay attention to my wounds…. and heal them.  I am more than the illness in my body and since I am still enjoying the human experience, my sense is that my soul contract in this lifetime has yet to be fulfilled…..

The universe whispers softly….be patient – the best is yet to come.



About the image:  Artist, Erwick Lemone.  To view his work visit:

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