note to self

Today is Day #10 fo the Health Activist’s Writer’s Month Challenge.  I skipped the past few days as I have come down with a nasty head cold.  We are allowed two “Get Out of Post Free” days and I have used mine up…. Today the assignment is to write a letter to my 16-year-old self.

My dear Peggy,

It is an honor and privilege to write to you in this way and offer a bit of wisdom gathered  over the past 40 years of our life.  I have a great deal I could share with you…. about your family, your career, and your health, but I will refrain from doing so. I don’t want to dampen your spirit of adventure or create fear about what your future might bring. As I reflect upon our life there are very things I would do differently. We have lived a good life.

At sixteen, you have the have a wonderful life ahead of your with many possibilities and I want you to hold on to that… don’t give up your dreams or play small to fit in or satisfy other’s needs for power.  You have a good head on your shoulders and for the most part, make good choices when you listen to your inner voice.

Love fiercely!  Love often!  Treasure your relationships with your girlfriends, just as you do your life partner(s) and family.  They will help you nourish your soul and support you when you are feeling depleted.

Live fully in the present. The past doesn’t really matter, it is constantly being re-written as your perspective shifts or changes.  The future is unwritten.

Lastly, I urge you to move more. Enjoy your body. Feed it healthy food. Treat it with reverence and care. It has a great deal to teach you.

In closing, I send you love from my heart, hope for the future and many blessings,

Peggy (56 years)


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