the wisdom of the heart

Today is Day #7 of the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge and we have been invited to write about what we want today.  It is Easter weekend and I have family visiting so I am going to recycle on of my posts from 2010.  I wrote a series of posts on the serenity prayer.  This is the one on wisdom and it seems most fitting for me this month.  Enjoy!

God, grant me the wisdom to know the difference…. between what I can and cannot change.

How do I know what I know? How do I know that what I know is from my Higher Self and not my ego jumping on a “should” bandwagon? Where does this sense of knowing come from?


Wisdom is knowledge that comes from the heart. A knowing that arises from the core of my being instead of from the thinking mind. I’ve discovered the choices that are made from this place are more solid and grounded in my values – wisdom reveals itself.

Choices made from my thinking mind are not all bad. They have a 50-50 chance of receiving an “atta girl” or “what were you thinking?” response. However, that leaves a lot to chance and often times leaves me with regret or self-doubt… maybe I should’ve done this… or not done that.

But why leave my choices and decisions to chance? Pausing for just a moment to check in with my body guides my most successful choices. Does this action, thought, or judgment feel right in my body? Is it heavy and sludgy or light? Does it bring a smile? I place my hand over my heart and I simply know. Even the most painful decisions that I have to make have a rightness about them.

Wisdom ~ Wise One.

How do you know when you have connected with the Wise One?

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