uniting the masculine and feminine parts of myself

It’s Day #5 of the  Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge.  Today I am writing an ekphrasis post. I selected an image from my Soul Cards deck by Deborah Koff-Chapin.

This image was randomly selected. It has no name or interpretation other than what I give it which is why I love this deck of  60 images.  I love the soft blue and green watercolors in the background. The light pouring down The integration of the masculine and feminine aspects of the Self. from above adds a divine element.  Looking closely at the card, I see the image of a man and woman, their bodies connected in a non-sexual way. It’s as though they have each other’s backs.  They are equal, one is not dominating the other.  It is a union.

This image could represent Adam and Eve the way God had intended, equals and both divine.  It can also represent the integration of the masculine and feminine aspects of the brain.  The traits associated with the masculine are: dominant, independent, rational, analytical, strong, brave, ambitious, active, competitive, and attractive because of achievement. The traits commonly associated with the feminine are: nurturing, dependent, emotional, receptive, intuitive, timid, content, passive, cooperative, sensitive, sex object and attractive because of physical appearance.

I think it really represents the integration of both the masculine and feminine traits as wholeness. The images and background are very balanced and symmetrical. One set of traits is not preferred over the other.

When I reflect upon what this means for me as a person living with chronic illness, I must acknowledge that when I honor both the masculine and the feminine aspects of my being, I feel a wholeness.  I use my masculine traits of independence, bravery and ambition to create a life that is not dominated by my illness.  My feminine traits have taught me compassion for myself and others… to accept with grace and dignity my life as it is and to allow others to help me when it is needed.



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