I write about my health because….

The Heatlh Activist Writer’s Month Challenge Day #4.  The assignment is to write for 15 minutes without stopping.  The following list is in no particular order.. I just wrote them down as they came to me.

I write about my health because:I write because...

  • it offers the opportunity to express my feelings, thoughts, and ideas.
  • it invites me to explore more deeply my  feelings, thoughts and ideas.
  • sharing my journey may help others know that they are not alone.
  • I always learn more about myself when I see my feelings, thoughts, and ideas in written form.
  • it helps me to clarify my thoughts and ideas and set intentions.
  • it allows me to reframe my self-deprecating thoughts or negative view of a situation into a more life-renewing perspective.
  • I enjoy writing.
  • it allows me to be seen and heard.
  • I feel like I am contributing to society when I share my knowledge or skill.
  • I feel good when I write.
  • I want to make a difference in the world.
  • when I write I have to slow my mind down.
  • …. just because.


2 thoughts on “I write about my health because….

  1. Highlighting keywords makes this writing assignment transcend its topic. I feel more empowered by reading it. Thanks!


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