a snapshot in time

This is my first post as part of the Health Activist’s Writer’s Challenge.  The challenge: Pretend you’re making a time capsule of you and your health focus that won’t be opened until 2112.  What is in it? What would people think of it when they found it?  

When I imagine 2112, I think of the Star Trek movies where they scan your body and heal it with a wand. Health and wellness will be about balancing energies within the body.  It is exciting that we are just beginning to appreciate the benefits of energy medicine.  I look forward with excitement to the possibilities of my children and grandchildren’s future.  But, I digress and need to get back to the task at hand – putting together a time capsule.

What will healthcare look like in the future?My time capsule will include pictures of all the people I love.  When my children graduated from high school I took all those pictures that i just threw into a paper bag and put them into a scrapbook.  I have never been very good at recording dates so I focused on themes and events, gathering images that touched my heart and made me smile.  I started one for myself that included highlights in my life – some related to being a wife and mother but mostly about my personal accomplishments.

I want my children to know and appreciate me as a person.  That has become especially important to me now as I am living with several chronic illnesses. I don’t want my descendants to describe me as the grandmother who suffered with ms because that’s not true.  I am living quite well, thank you, and am working very hard to not let my illnesses define me.

Let’s see… so far I have pictures of my family and my scrapbook.  It would be important to include a flash drive (I hope it’s not obsolete by then) of all my blog posts as they have become an extension of my journal. It would also include my yet-to-be-written manifesto, or the core beliefs that have governed my life. It might even include some videos if I figure out how to create them on my desktop.  With all these items, I imagine my box to be the size of the pink plastic crate that sits under my desk collecting single-side paper copies for recycling.

I hope that future generations would come to know what was in my heart. Living a full life isn’t about being free of illness or challenges but rather, it is about learning to transcend them… it is about living “what is” each day.

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