The Healer Within

One of my favorite self-healing books is The Healer Within by Roger Jahnke, Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Dr. Jahnke presents every year at the National Wellness Conference and I have attended several of his sessions. He is the “real deal.”  This year, I bought his book as it was recommended by Betty Iams, on her website, Betty’s House… Life After MS.  This book is also available in my bookstore.

Dr. Jahnke, advocates for movement, massage, meditation and breathing as practices to bring the body into harmony. He invites the reader to take independent, calm and deliberate action for self-healing. (Did I mention that his wife is an occupational therapist and he gives voice to support for the profession?)

He offers the following tools and pearls of wisdom:

The Tools

1. Gentle, purposeful movement of the body

2. Self-applied massage

3. Breathing practice

4. Deep relaxation, meditation, and prayer

The Pearls

1. The healer is within us.

2. We produce the most profound medicine ever developed in human history within our own bodies.

3. The self-healing and enhancement methods turn these medications on.

4. We can heal disease and enhance our vitality – for free.

5. We can transform the crisis in medicine into a rebirth of self-reliance.

6. The self-healing methods have hundreds of applications that can heal and empower our communities.

7. The practice of the self-healing methods can expand our spiritual practice.

8. Average people can teach each other to do self-healing.

The Possibility

1. Through our practice we can contribute to a “healing field”; when we heal ourselves we help heal the world.

AMEN to that! I am happy to have found this resource and it is a pleasure to share this book with you.



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