Today I am…. reflecting upon shoes and joy

In my journal writing with my SoulCollage® cards this morning I received the following message: “Do not live waiting for the other shoe to drop.” Hmmmm.

It was the perfect card for today as I, like Eeyore, have been feeling a bit melancholy. Actually, I have been engaging in my own little pity party. This card was a great reminder to focus on the joys, big and small, in my life.

My SoulCollage® card -

For those of you not familiar with SoulCollage®, the “I Am One Who” exercise that is done as part of a daily reading, offers an opportunity for the soul to speak using the image on the card. I loved the background image on this card and mounted it immediately because it resonated deeply. The image of yours truly and Eeyore came later. It is my favorite picture of myself… it is pre-visible illness and I was still working. Obviously we were at DisneyWorld. I look at that picture and I am reminded of that part of me who loves fun and spontaneity. The two images seemed to fit together….

Here is there message of the card:

I am one who is spontaneous.

I am one who dances with life.

I am one who is not afraid to embrace joy.

And the message for today:

Do not be sad. Look for places within you that are joyous and do not be afraid to let them be seen. It will help you with this dark cloud that is hovering overhead. It’s true that your life isn’t all fun but you don’t have to “live” there. There is joy to be found in the simplest of things – Jasmine’s tail (my daughter’s cat is visiting), the new snow, my ability to create meaningful cards.

“Do not live wating for the other shoe to drop.”

I take that to mean not to focus on what is not going well right now and the expectation that things will get worse…. that kind of stinkin’ thinkin’ on my part contributes to my melancholy, this sense of gloom and doom that is hovering about. <sigh> This too shall pass… all is well.

My soul spoke to me today in my writing and through this card, as it often does. That is the beauty of the SoulCollage® process. Both journaling and SoulCollage® offer a glimpse of my true nature. Has your soul spoken to you today? Did you take time to listen and reflect?

I offer gratitude for my cards, the artists /photographers who created the images, my teachers, and that aspect of my being who knows and remembers joy.

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