Healing through Multiple Sclerosis

I follow Cathy Aten’s Healing Through Multiple Sclerosis blog. She is a gifted writer and I find truth and humor in her writing.

Here is an excerpt from a recent post that moved me a great deal…..

“HEALING”, for me, is the absence of desiring ‘other’.

To get there means being in partnership with this ‘thing’:

Not loving it but not hating it, either.

The more I need (read: need not want) it to be gone

The less energy I have to live.

In the process of attempting to look MS in the face

Without tightening my jaw in defense,

I am becoming more.

I judge less (self and other).

I am grateful more often.

I am less desirous of ’stuff’.

I am quicker to forgive.

I love deeper.

I am present to my sorrow more.

It excites me.

And feels lonely, sometimes.

Continue reading……

Thank you, Cathy, for sharing your gift of words and encouragement. All is well.

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